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Attorneys General Bringing the Tobacco Industry to Justice

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STIC sought to keep the public informed of developments in the effort by state attorney general to bring the tobacco industry to justice.  Four of the states suing the tobacco industry reached settlements with the tobacco defendants.  The remaining states signed a Master Settlement Agreement in November of 1998. 

Because this litigation effort by states against the tobacco industry has been settled, STIC now serves as an archive of some of the documents related to the litigation.

STIC is under the direction of former Maine Attorney General James E. Tierney. 

Browse our on-line libraries of key litigation documents from these historic legal actions. STIC has compiled many of these documents through the courtesy of the attorneys general offices, their outside counsel, the Tobacco Products Litigation Reporter (TPLR), Court TV, Counsel Connect.

Regularly check "What's New?" for the latest additions to this website. Be sure to check out our Resource Links to other sources of tobacco-related information on the Internet. For compact information, you may want to look at our updated State Suit Summary Chart

We have added hearing transcripts from the Massachusetts case.

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